Lost and Found

I spent time looking for my bible but had go go to my funeral. I have multiple bibles, printed scripture in special services booklet or access to scripture on my phone. But My black leather bound, beat up, worn out bible is my favorite. Oh well, time is tight, I’ll find it later.

On the way to the funeral…. flat tire.

Multiple calls for help…. no answer.

Ever have a flat just when your on your way? Rolling along in life trying to get to the next right thing and poof there you are alone, no help, and needing to get through the moment to move onto the next? Continue reading

Powerful Gifts

I went to meet 92 year old Christina Neuenfeldt to express my condolences and plan for her daughter Nancy Sage’s funeral . It was a beautiful visit filled with tears, memories and love. About half way through the visit, Christina presented me with a multi colored hand knitted wash rag …

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Joy in Service

Good Afternoon, I got to mow the lawn again at church and just want to share how satisfying it is to me. In part because I really appreciate when my son mows our lawn, in part because I found a way to meet a need for the church, in part …

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I am still limping a bit after turning my ankle. The swelling is gone, but now the bruises are appearing with shades of black and purple reminding me… your healing. Healing does not always look pretty. I remember how ugly it was watching my burn heal over a year ago. …

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Things Fail

Things fail, and that is exactly what should happen. And at times we need the advice, input and wisdom of others to know what to do once things are beyond our ability to detect the problem. Turning to God, faith, scripture and prayer seem to be responses that naturally happen …

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